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[II12] T.Ionescu and O.A.Iftime, The problem of moment matching with preservation of port Hamiltonian structure is tackled. Based on the time-domain approach to linear moment matching, we characterize the (subset of) port Hamiltonian models from the set of parameterized models that match the moments of a given port Hamiltonian system, at a set of finite points. We also discuss the problem of finding port Hamiltonian reduced order models that match the Markov parameters of a given port Hamiltonian system, American Control Conference, 2012


In this paper we approach the problem of moment matching for a class of infinite-dimensional systems, based on the unique solution of an operator Sylvester equation. It results in a class of parameterized, finite-dimensional, reduced order models that match a set of prescribed moments of the given system. We show that, by properly choosing the free parameters, additional constraints are met, e.g., pole placement, preservation of zeros. To illustrate the proposed method, we apply it to the heat equation with mixed boundary conditions. We obtain a second order reduced model which approximates the original systems better (in terms of the infinity norm of the approximation error) than the fourth order reduced model obtained by modal truncation.