Control For Energy and Sustainability

EPSRC Programme Grant

[LA13] J. Lee and D. Angeli, Cooperative economic model predictive control for linear systems with convex objectives, European Journal of Control, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 141–151, May 2014


In this paper we propose a cooperative distributed economic model predictive control strategy for linear systems which consist of a finite number of coupled subsystems. The suggested feedback strategy is generating control input which converges to a set of Nash equilibria of the corresponding game provided infinite iterations are allowed at each sampling time. Moreover, the control for each subsystem is computed in itself without coordination layer except for a synchronization requirement between subsystems.

We first introduce distributed linear systems with two subsystems and economic model predictive control, then show the convergence and stability properties of a suboptimal model predictive control strategy for the system. The optimization problem for the implementation of MPC is stated with a terminal equality constraint and a terminal cost.