Control For Energy and Sustainability

EPSRC Programme Grant

[LMRW10] K.V. Ling, J.M. Maciejowski, A.G. Richards and B.F. Wu, Multiplexed Model Predictive Control, Automatica, vol.48, no.2, 396-401, Feb. 2012


This paper proposes a form of MPC in which the control variables are moved asynchronously. This contrasts with most MIMO control schemes, which assume that all variables are updated simultaneously. MPC outperforms other control strategies through its ability to deal with constraints. This requires online optimization, hence computational complexity can become an issue when applying MPC to complex systems with fast response times. The multiplexed MPC scheme described in this paper solves the MPC problem for each subsystem sequentially, and updates subsystem controls as soon as the solution is available, thus distributing the control moves over a complete update cycle. The resulting computational speed-up allows faster response to disturbances, which may result in improved performance, despite finding sub-optimal solutions to the original problem.