FAUST - Feedback Analysis for User adaptive Statistical Translation


Tools -- Software created or in use by the FAUST project

  • MT Evaluation
    • Asiya (formerly IQmt)Asiya is an open toolkit for automatic MT evaluation and meta-evaluation. In the context of FAUST, Asiya will mainly be used to evaluate the progress of translation systems. Besides, one of the goals of the FAUST project is to develop methods for automatically analyzing translation requests, system outputs and user feedback. Novel measures implemented along the project will be integrated into the Asiya Toolkit.
  • Linguistic Processors
    • TectoMT
    • SVMToolSVMTool is an open generator of sequential taggers based on Support Vector Machines. Inside FAUST, SVMTool will be used for the part-of-speech tagging of texts for the languages involved. Moreover, one of the goals of the project is to adapt linguistic processors to the analysis of possibly ill-formed texts. SVMTool will be adapted and resulting models will be incorporated into it.
    • ZPar
    • BIOS
    • MALT Parser
    • SWiRL
    • Jointparser
    • C&C Tools
    • MSTperl parser - robust parser for SMT output texts