Control For Energy and Sustainability

EPSRC Programme Grant

2nd Workshop on Control of Uncertain Systems: Modelling, Approximation, and Design (GloverFest)

A workshop to mark the contributions of Professor Keith Glover to the control field on the occasion of his retirement

Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September 2013
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Sponsored by The MathWorks

Invited speakers: B.D.O. Anderson, K.J. Astrom, G. Balas, M. Cantoni, D.H. Cieslar, M.A. Dahleh, J.C. Doyle, G.E. Dullerud, B.A. Francis, P. Gahinet, M. Gevers, R. Hyde, P.A. Iglesias, S. Lall, L. Ljung, S. Mitter, M. Morari, R.M. Murray, A. Rantzer, J. Sefton, R. Sepulchre, M. Vidyasagar, G. Vinnicombe, K. Zhou.

General chair: M.C. Smith

GloverFest group photo